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red gitarputeh

This is a personal blog. And everything written on this blog is based on own and personal thought and ideas. Research for some serious reading articles.

The owner of this blog did not responsible for any comments that made in the comment sections. The owner will only be responsible by his name as written by the sections.

Any pictures, videos and graphic forms, are not copyrighted as the date taken from the search engines. As if its copyrighted, all credit goes to the owner and I did not own the copyrights.

The basic Islamic ideas on the page is just for the reminding for each muslim purpose only.

Most of the copyrighted post has been edited without changing the meaning and keep the ideas on track for non-plagerism purpose.

The ideas on the pages can be shared with others on the purpose of reminding each other.

For the other purpose of using the ideas on this pages are strongly denied.

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